How do I contact NSI?
Phone: 919-789-3000 or 800-234-7837

Fax: 919-789-3019

Email: nsi@nsilabsolutions.com

What if I can't find something in the catalog?
Let's face it. The NELAC analyte list and concentration ranges are pretty narrow. Lot to lot concentration changes typical of most QC standards makes LIMS Management a nightmare. So, if you need something you can't find in our catalog, call and we'll work with you to design a solution.

Custom formulation represents a significant part of our business. We do it very well and we do it very fast. We always quote your requests within 24 hours and depending on the complexity of the project, turn around times can be less than 48 hours.

Using the same expert craftmanship and attention to detail used in manufacturing our line of stock products, we will draw on our inventory of over 2000 chemicals to formulate a product just for you. To request a quote, call us at 800-234-7837 or fill out the Custom Solution Request form and fax it to 919-789-3019.

Which accreditations does NSI hold?
At NSI, we maintain a fully documented quality system.

NSI Lab Solutions has been accredited by the ANAB as a provider of Environmental Laboratory Proficiency Testing Services for the National Environmental Laboratory Accreditation Program (NELAP). Announced July 31, 2006, NSI Lab Solutions is one of only six accredited Proficiency Testing providers nationwide that will comply with all NELAC, state and federal PT requirements.

If you would like copies of our quality registration certificates, please e-mail us or go to our website & you will find a list of our accreditations under Accreditations/Quality.

Are all of your PT samples provided in duplicate?
All of our liquid-based PT samples are provided in duplicate. We do this for a number of reasons the most important being to simplify multiple-method reporting by allowing you to make independent PT sample solutions for each additional method. But it is also a great convenience to have a duplicate sample in case of inadvertent breakage or other mishap.

Can we report multiple methods and, if so, what's the charge?
Multiple methods are easily accommodated by using our on-line data entry system or hard copy submittal process. We don't charge extra for this service. You can report as many methods as you wish.

Are there charges for additional reports?
No. All reporting is included in the sample price. You can request as many reports as you wish.

Can I still participate in a PT study once the study open date has passed?
Yes you may. The important date to remember is the study closing date. As long as you can submit your results by the closing date, you may sign up for a study at any time.

Which analytical procedures do you use to verify PT materials?
The precision and accuracy requirements of our verifications preclude us from using typical EPA methods. We do, however, use the same GC, HPLC and IC columns you probably use for your routine analysis. Additionally, we use Hach spectroscopic methods for many classical chemistry parameters. Our internal methods are accurate, extremely precise and document that our PT samples are fit for use with typical EPA methods.